the world flung into far disaster; Jaekyu/Chihun; post-series White Christmas (drama, 2011)
Title: the world flung into far disaster
Fandom: White Christmas - K-drama 2011
Author: kaiosea or on tumblr or ao3
Pairing/Focus: Jaekyu/Chihun, pre-slash, Jaekyu-centric
Length: 2854 words
Rating: PG-13 (though the series has a higher rating)
Notes: They didn’t get a backstory, an ending, or a future, so I felt motivated to write. Post-series. +The version I watched romanized his name as Chihun plus I knew someone irl whose name was Chihun so that's why I went with this spelling.

Summary: Though hope is not always the best rational decision, recovery (or the lack thereof) seldom follows a logical path.

Also on Ao3 where the formatting looks better, or here on LJ below:

Things Jaekyu wants to do have the habit of being things he really, really shouldn’t be doing.Collapse )

you have stumbled upon my livejournal account! I have little idea how to use it but I am here to get more involved in the infinite (k-pop) fandom. This is literally the only post I have on my LJ.

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